M4 WA#1 Choose  one  of the following options:

M4 WA#1


 of the following options:

Option One:

Design a power point presentation for families in which you welcome them to your program and let them know the following things about your program:

· Role of family-school partnership

· Ways families can be involved in the school/your classroom

· Ways in which you will communicate (or families can communicate with you)

· How your classroom/school welcomes and celebrates families from diverse backgrounds, children with special needs, dual-language families, etc…

· Parenting styles as outlined by Baumarind

· How to encourage brain development at home

· How to help children separate from families when they come to school

You will be graded on originality of work, creativity, organization of material, accuracy of material, and overall presentation of material. Your power point presentation should have a citation page at the end in which you list any resources which you used to create your presentation. To earn an A, your presentation should contain ten or more slides, and should include a citation page slide at the end listing all resources used in the power point presentation.

Option Two:

Answer each of the following questions . Each question is worth twenty points and should be proofread. All parts of each question should be thoroughly answered for full credit.

1. How are young children’s brains growing and developing? How would you encourage families to support their child’s brain development?

2. How does regular communication between the school and the family benefit a child’s learning? What are ways that you have (or could) communicate effectively with parents or guardians?

3. How can a teacher include and support families whose first language is not English? Children with special needs? Diverse family backgrounds?

4. What would you want to include in a family teacher conference? Why?

5. Baumrind described three parenting styles. Briefly define each style. With which style are you most comfortable? Under which style were you raised? How do you relate to families who use a different style? 

6. What are effective strategies for helping families and children separate when first beginning a new program or classroom? How do you help children (and families) feel safe and welcome?

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