You are an HIM Coordinator and work in a department that has a temporary contracted HIM Director, whose name is Lolly. She is working with Human Resources to fill all vacant positions in the departmen Nursing Assignment Help

You are an Health Information Management (HIM) Coordinator and work in a department that has a temporary contracted HIM Director, whose name is Lolly. She is working with Human Resources to fill all vacant positions in the department – including the HIM Director, Document Management Specialist (DMS) and 2 coding positions.  

On Thursday morning, Lolly follows you into your office and says “For crying out loud, I have already completed more interviews this week than I did in all of last year. I’m sick of all the time in HR, and I can’t get anyone to take a damn job here. You take over interviewing for the DMS slot because the job reports to you anyway!”  

She heads towards your office door and adds “Don’t hire any churchgoers because weekends are packed with old-timer sickies, and we need somebody here for the Sunday shift” – and in a flash, she is gone. 

You take a deep breath, shut your door and gently slide into your chair. Did you just hear what you think you heard? Take a damn job here….sickies….churchgoers…old-timers! Right then your phone rings and it’s Suzanne, the director of HR. She explains that she is gathering up applicants for your upcoming interview for the DMS based on instruction she got from Lolly. You interrupt her, explain that you are happy to help with interviews but also confide in her – you decide to share Lolly’s offensive rant in your office.

A series of events follow and after your promotion to Interim Director of HIM, you undertake the very much needed job of preparing an Interview Tool and Developing a Hiring Policy to ensure that you are promoting a diverse staff in the HIM department. The tool and policy will be used by you and the department supervisors.  

Download the template below to complete this assignment.  When you are finished, save your completed document and submit it to the dropbox.

Module 11 Written Assignment Template

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

Expert Solution Preview

The situation described in the content involves an HIM Coordinator who has been tasked with creating an Interview Tool and Developing a Hiring Policy for the HIM department. The purpose of these tools is to ensure a more diverse staff in the department. The coordinator’s promotion to Interim Director of HIM has given them the opportunity and responsibility to address the issues raised by the previous HIM Director’s offensive rant.

To begin addressing these issues, the coordinator should start by developing an Interview Tool that focuses on assessing candidates based on their qualifications and experience. The tool should eliminate any biases or discriminatory criteria that may have been present in the previous hiring process. It should include a comprehensive list of relevant questions that evaluate candidates’ knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for the DMS position. Additionally, the tool should allow for scoring and evaluation of each candidate’s responses to ensure consistent and fair assessment.

Next, the coordinator should develop a Hiring Policy that outlines the department’s commitment to promoting diversity and equal opportunity. The policy should explicitly state that all applicants will be evaluated solely on their qualifications and suitability for the position, and that any discriminatory practices or biases will not be tolerated. It should also provide guidelines for the selection process, including how candidates are identified, shortlisted, and interviewed.

Furthermore, the policy should include a section on promoting diversity in the HIM department. This could involve strategies such as actively seeking candidates from underrepresented groups, providing training and support for diversity and inclusion initiatives, and creating a work environment that values and respects differences.

To ensure the effectiveness of the Interview Tool and Hiring Policy, it is important for the HIM Coordinator, along with the department supervisors, to receive appropriate training on diversity and eliminating biases in the hiring process. This will help them understand the importance of creating a diverse workforce and provide them with the tools necessary to implement the new policies effectively.

In conclusion, the HIM Coordinator, now the Interim Director of HIM, has the responsibility of addressing the issues raised by the offensive rant of the previous HIM Director. By developing an Interview Tool and Hiring Policy that promote diversity and eliminate biases in the hiring process, the coordinator can ensure the selection of qualified candidates solely based on their qualifications and suitability for the position. Additionally, training for both the coordinator and the department supervisors will be crucial in implementing these tools effectively.

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