Marketing Communications — Process, Integration and Budgeting” Please respond to the following:Select a health care provider of your choice ( united Health Care)and discuss the major elements makin Nursing Assignment Help

Marketing Communications — Process, Integration and Budgeting”  Please respond to the following:

  • Select a health care provider of your choice ( united Health Care)and discuss the major elements making up their marketing communications process. From the e-Activity, determine the best method of setting their communications budget. Provide specific examples and rationale to support your response.
  • Analyze the eight major steps in delivering effective communications for your chosen health care provider and outline the basics of an effective communications program, including recommendations for improvement. Explain your rationale.
  • A component of this discussion includes analyzing the 8 major steps in delivering effective communications.  You are also charged with making at least one recommendation for improvement.  Given the importance of communication I am really looking forward to our discussion

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In the field of healthcare, marketing communications play a vital role in reaching out to patients, creating awareness about services, and building trust and loyalty towards healthcare providers. This response will focus on United Health Care as a chosen healthcare provider and discuss the major elements of its marketing communications process. Additionally, the best method for setting their communications budget will be determined, followed by an analysis of the eight major steps in delivering effective communications for United Health Care. Recommendations for improvement will also be provided to enhance their communication strategies.

Answer 1:
The major elements making up United Health Care’s marketing communications process include advertising, public relations, sales promotions, direct marketing, and personal selling.
– Advertising: United Health Care utilizes various channels such as television, print media, and social media platforms to promote their services and reach a wider audience.
– Public Relations: They actively engage with the media, organize events, and participate in community initiatives to enhance their brand image and build trust among the public.
– Sales Promotions: United Health Care offers special discounts, referral programs, and incentivized schemes to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.
– Direct Marketing: They adopt direct mail campaigns, email newsletters, and telemarketing to directly communicate with their target audience and provide personalized information.
– Personal Selling: United Health Care employs sales representatives who interact with potential customers on an individual basis, addressing their queries and guiding them through the available healthcare options.

Regarding the method of setting United Health Care’s communications budget, the best approach would be a combination of objective-and-task method and competitive parity method. The objective-and-task method involves determining specific communication objectives and then calculating the necessary budget to achieve those objectives. This ensures a strategic allocation of resources based on the desired outcomes. Additionally, the competitive parity method considers the communication budgets of competitors in the healthcare industry to determine an appropriate level of investment. By combining these approaches, United Health Care can effectively allocate resources and achieve their communication goals while staying competitive in the market.

Answer 2:
The eight major steps in delivering effective communications for United Health Care are as follows:

1. Identify the target audience: By identifying the specific demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of their target audience, United Health Care can tailor their communication messages to effectively reach and resonate with their intended recipients.

2. Develop communication objectives: Setting clear and measurable objectives helps United Health Care outline what they intend to achieve through their communication efforts, whether it be increasing brand awareness, promoting a specific service, or educating the public about healthcare options.

3. Design the message: Carefully crafting the message to be communicated is crucial. United Health Care should focus on conveying the key benefits, unique selling propositions, and values that differentiate them from competitors while ensuring the message is clear, concise, and easily understood by the target audience.

4. Choose communication channels: Selecting the most appropriate communication channels enables United Health Care to reach their target audience effectively and efficiently. They should consider factors such as the demographics and preferences of their audience, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to convey the desired message.

5. Implement the communication plan: Executing the communication plan involves coordinating various activities such as producing advertisements, organizing public relations events, and implementing direct marketing campaigns. United Health Care must ensure seamless execution across all chosen communication channels.

6. Monitor and evaluate: Regularly monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of communication efforts allows United Health Care to make informed decisions and adjustments as needed. Metrics such as reach, engagement, and conversion rates can provide valuable insights into the success of their communication strategies.

7. Make improvements: Based on the evaluation results, United Health Care should identify areas for improvement and refine their communication approach. This may involve tweaking the message, modifying channels, or adopting new technologies to enhance the overall effectiveness and impact of their communication efforts.

8. Feedback and learning: Encouraging feedback from customers and employees helps United Health Care gain insights into their communication effectiveness and identify areas of improvement. By continuously learning from feedback, they can adapt and refine their communication strategies to better meet the needs and expectations of their target audience.

Recommendation for Improvement:
As a recommendation for improvement, United Health Care can consider incorporating more digital marketing strategies into their communications program. In the era of digital transformation, leveraging digital channels such as social media, search engine marketing, and content marketing can significantly enhance their reach and engagement with their target audience. By embracing digital marketing tools and techniques, United Health Care can effectively target specific audience segments, personalize their communication messages, and foster meaningful interactions with patients. This can further strengthen their brand image and improve the overall effectiveness of their communication program.

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