Your first patient has a cardiovascular problem. Use the cardiovascular medical word elements chart from your textbook to develop at least 10 medical terms that would be appropriate for use in evaluat Nursing Assignment Help

Your first patient has a cardiovascular problem. Use the cardiovascular medical word elements chart from your textbook to develop at least 10 medical terms that would be appropriate for use in evaluating a cardiovascular complaint. Make sure you list at least 3 tests and 3 procedures having to do with your patient’s condition. Your second patient presents a problem of the skin. This time, use the integumentary medical word elements chart from your text to help you come up with at least 10 terms that relate to your patient’s disorder. Describe 3 tests and 3 procedures that might be helpful to gather information. 

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As a medical professor responsible for designing college assignments and providing evaluations for medical college students, it is important to ensure that the assessments cover various medical conditions and specialties. In this scenario, we will address two patients with different medical problems: one involving the cardiovascular system and another related to the skin. We will utilize medical word elements charts from a textbook to develop appropriate medical terms and suggest relevant tests and procedures for each patient’s condition.

Answer 1:
For the first patient with a cardiovascular problem, the following medical terms can be used for evaluation:

1. Cardiomegaly – Enlargement of the heart.
2. Tachycardia – Abnormally rapid heartbeat.
3. Hypertension – High blood pressure.
4. Bradycardia – Abnormally slow heartbeat.
5. Arrhythmia – Irregular heart rhythm.
6. Myocardial infarction – Complete blockage of a coronary artery resulting in heart tissue death.
7. Angina – Chest pain or discomfort caused by reduced blood flow to the heart muscle.
8. Atherosclerosis – Build-up of plaque in arteries, restricting blood flow.
9. Congestive heart failure – Inability of the heart to pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs.
10. Murmur – Abnormal heart sound caused by turbulent blood flow.

Regarding tests and procedures, the following three options are relevant to the patient’s cardiovascular complaint:

1. Electrocardiogram (ECG) – Records the electrical activity of the heart.
2. Echocardiogram – Uses ultrasound waves to assess the structure and function of the heart.
3. Cardiac stress test – Evaluates the heart’s performance during physical exercise or induced by medication to assess cardiac function under stress.

Answer 2:
For the second patient presenting a skin disorder, the following medical terms can be utilized:

1. Dermatitis – Inflammation of the skin.
2. Erythema – Redness of the skin caused by dilation of superficial blood vessels.
3. Pruritus – Itching sensation of the skin.
4. Papule – Small, solid elevations on the skin surface.
5. Vesicle – Small, fluid-filled blister on the skin.
6. Eczema – Chronic skin condition characterized by dry, itchy, and inflamed skin.
7. Psoriasis – Chronic autoimmune skin disorder, resulting in flaky and scaly patches.
8. Melanoma – Aggressive form of skin cancer originating from pigment-producing cells.
9. Urticaria – Raised, itchy, and reddened areas of the skin, also known as hives.
10. Dermatophytosis – Fungal infection of the skin, often referred to as ringworm.

To gather information about the patient’s skin disorder, the following three tests and procedures can be considered:

1. Skin biopsy – Removal of a small skin sample for microscopic examination to diagnose the nature of the skin disease.
2. Patch testing – Identifies specific allergens causing allergic contact dermatitis.
3. Wood’s lamp examination – Uses ultraviolet light to identify fungal or bacterial infections by observing fluorescence patterns.

In conclusion, for the cardiovascular patient, terms like cardiomegaly, tachycardia, and hypertension can be used, along with tests such as ECG, echocardiogram, and cardiac stress test. Regarding the patient with a skin disorder, terms like dermatitis, erythema, and pruritus are appropriate, along with tests like skin biopsy, patch testing, and Wood’s lamp examination.

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