AH 598 Grantham University Medical Marijuana Strategic Plan

Chapter 3

A general outline for Chapter 3 is below. Type your chapter using APA style guidelines.

Chapter 3 – Strategic Plan (5 to 7      pages) 

What should management do? 


  1. Costs – direct and indirect 

Who will pay?


  1. Labor needed 

Special training required? 

Technology needed 

  1. Current systems in place?


Gaining employee buy-in

  1. Formal versus informal

Short term versus long-term planning

Who will benefit? 

  1. Organization? 
  2. Leadership?
  3. Employees?
  4. Patients?
  5. Providers
  6. What will the healthcare environment       look like once problem is solved? 

Expert Solution Preview

Chapter 3 of the medical college curriculum focuses on the Strategic Plan in healthcare management. This chapter delves into the various aspects and considerations that management should take into account when developing and implementing a strategic plan in a healthcare organization. The outline provided in the content description serves as a guide for the content of this chapter.

To address the question of what management should do, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of a well-defined implementation strategy. Healthcare organizations need to consider both direct and indirect costs associated with the implementation of the strategic plan. Direct costs encompass the financial resources required for conducting the necessary changes, while indirect costs refer to the potential impact on other services or departments within the organization.

The next consideration raised in the outline is related to the question of who will pay for the strategic plan implementation. This aspect is essential as it determines the financial sustainability of the plan. It is crucial to explore possible funding sources, whether they are internal or external, and identify the most viable options that ensure the long-term success and viability of the plan.

Labor needs and special training requirements are other critical factors to address in the strategic plan. Assessing the workforce requirements and identifying any specific expertise or skills needed for implementing the plan are crucial to ensure the plan’s success. Additionally, evaluating the technology requirements and the presence of current systems within the organization is vital for seamless integration and implementation.

Effective communication plays a significant role in gaining employee buy-in. Examining the different communication approaches, both formal and informal, and finding the most suitable methods for engaging and involving employees in the strategic plan implementation is crucial. Moreover, considering the timeframe for planning is necessary, especially determining the balance between short-term and long-term goals to ensure the plan’s sustainability and adaptability to changing healthcare dynamics.

The next area to explore is identifying the beneficiaries of the strategic plan. Understanding the impact on various stakeholders such as the organization, leadership, employees, patients, and providers is vital. Examining the potential benefits for each group and assessing how the healthcare environment will be transformed once the problem addressed by the plan is solved provides insight into the plan’s overall impact and significance.

In conclusion, the content of Chapter 3 revolves around the strategic plan in healthcare management. It focuses on the considerations and actions management should take when developing and implementing such a plan. By addressing topics such as implementation costs, funding sources, labor and training requirements, technology integration, communication strategies, and the impact on stakeholders, this chapter provides a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning in healthcare.

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