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Do you think that you should have a foundation in ethics if you are involved in health care? How does this relate to the Saint Leo University core value of excellence? Explain your answer. 

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Ethics play a crucial role in the field of healthcare, and having a strong foundation in ethics is essential for all individuals involved in the healthcare industry. This is especially important as healthcare professionals have a direct impact on the well-being and lives of patients. In this context, this question explores the significance of ethics in healthcare and its relationship with the core value of excellence at Saint Leo University.

Yes, having a foundation in ethics is vital for individuals involved in healthcare. The field of healthcare is inherently complex, as it involves making critical decisions that can have significant consequences for the well-being and autonomy of patients. Ethical principles and values provide a framework to guide healthcare professionals in making morally responsible choices. Additionally, ethics also helps healthcare professionals navigate the various dilemmas and conflicts that they may encounter in their practice.

The relationship between ethics and the core value of excellence at Saint Leo University is evident. Excellence encompasses a commitment to pursuing knowledge, skills, and attitudes that promote high-quality care and ethical decision-making. A healthcare professional who upholds ethical principles contributes to the provision of excellent healthcare services. Ethical behavior ensures that patients’ rights and well-being are prioritized, and that their dignity and autonomy are respected.

Furthermore, excellence in healthcare requires healthcare professionals to engage in ongoing self-reflection and self-improvement. Embracing ethical principles encourages a continuous examination of personal biases, values, and prejudices, allowing healthcare professionals to evolve and grow in their practice. By integrating ethics into their decision-making process, healthcare professionals strive for excellence by consistently evaluating and improving their ethical standards.

In summary, a solid foundation in ethics is necessary for anyone involved in healthcare. Healthcare professionals who adhere to ethical principles enhance the quality of healthcare services they provide, ensuring the well-being and rights of patients are respected. The emphasis on ethics aligns with the core value of excellence at Saint Leo University by promoting a commitment to continuous growth, moral responsibility, and the provision of high-quality care.

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