AHS 6620 WU Health & Medical Legal and Ethical Issues Discussion

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For your discussion:

  • Review the Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions PowerPoint – Slides 1-51.
  • Read the Case of Candy in Chapter 3 of your textbook:
    • Examine the responses and determine which would be your top two courses of action and why? 
    • What moral principles does your decision illustrate? 

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In the medical field, ethical issues can often arise that require medical professionals to make difficult decisions. As medical college students, it is important for you to understand the principles of ethics and how they apply to real-life scenarios. In this assignment, you will review the Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions PowerPoint slides and analyze the Case of Candy from Chapter 3 of your textbook. You will be asked to identify your top two courses of action and explain the moral principles that guide your decision-making process.


After reviewing the Issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions PowerPoint slides and analyzing the Case of Candy, I have determined that my top two courses of action would be as follows:

1. Exploring alternative treatment options: One course of action I would consider is thoroughly exploring alternative treatment options for Candy. In the case, it is mentioned that Candy is suffering from depression but has not responded well to traditional medications. By considering alternative treatments, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, counseling, or lifestyle changes, we can potentially find a solution that may be more effective for Candy. This course of action prioritizes her well-being and focuses on finding the best possible treatment for her condition.

2. Involving Candy’s parents in the decision-making process: Another course of action I would take involves including Candy’s parents in the decision-making process. Since Candy is a minor, it is important to acknowledge the role and importance of her parents. By seeking their input and involving them in the treatment discussions, we can ensure that their perspectives and concerns are taken into account. This decision recognizes the role of the parents as caregivers and respects their authority and responsibility in making decisions related to Candy’s healthcare.

The moral principles that my decision illustrates are beneficence and autonomy. Beneficence refers to the ethical principle of acting in the best interest of the patient, focusing on their well-being, and seeking to improve their condition. By exploring alternative treatment options and involving Candy’s parents, I am demonstrating a commitment to her best interests and overall improvement in her mental health.

Autonomy, on the other hand, emphasizes respecting the individual’s right to make decisions about their own healthcare. By involving Candy in the decision-making process and considering her preferences, we are respecting her autonomy and giving her a sense of control over her treatment. Additionally, involving Candy’s parents recognizes their authority and autonomy as caregivers, acknowledging their role in making healthcare decisions for their child.

In summary, my top two courses of action in the case of Candy would be to explore alternative treatment options and involve Candy’s parents in the decision-making process. These decisions align with the moral principles of beneficence and autonomy, placing Candy’s well-being at the center while respecting her preferences and including her parents in the decision-making process.

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