Local Healthcare Organizations in Illinois Local Health Care Organizations Paper

For part one of your course project, please conduct research in your region and compile a list of local health care organizations.


  • Include at least 1 local hospital, 1 outpatient clinic, and 1 long-term care facility, and one free clinic or local health department.
  • In your list include a paragraph about each organization, including whether they are for-profit or nonprofit, their approximate size (number of beds and/or physicians), and a link to their website.


Module 01 – Introduction to Health Care Professions

We will focus on the types of Health Care Organizations that you will find in most geographic regions of the United States. While all health care organizations work towards improving the health of their communities, there are different classifications including acute care, ambulatory care, and long-term care.

For-Profit and Not-For-Profit

Health care organizations can also be for-profit or not-for-profit. For-profit health care organizations are owned by investors, and not-for-profit health care organizations are owned by other not-for-profit organizations like churches or universities.

In addition to ownership, the differences between these models include their financial structures and goals. While there are differences, they operate and have similar organizational structures.

Inpatient and Outpatient

When discussing these types of Health Care Organizations, it is important to understand the difference between inpatient and outpatient services. Anytime you see the word inpatient, it means that the patient receives care overnight. Anytime you see the word outpatient, it means that they are treated in one day and are discharged without staying overnight.

Types of Facilities

Acute care facilities have patients that are admitted overnight with expected length of stay times of less than 30 days. The most common type of acute care facility is a hospital. In this type of setting patients usually receive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, for example: labs, radiology, surgeries, and rehabilitation.

Ambulatory care facilities offer outpatient services, which do not require an overnight admission. Some examples of ambulatory care facilities include: physician offices, public health departments, dental clinics, and chiropractic offices.

Long-term care facilities usually contain patients with a length of stay of greater than 30 days. Examples of long-term care facilities include: skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and rehabilitation hospitals.

Public Health Departments and Free Clinics operate to help individuals with limited or no health insurance. While funding varies, public health departments typically operate with the help of state taxes and Free Clinics are usually run by volunteers. Many times medical students and dental students will work at free clinics to help earn their clinical hours while also benefitting the general population.

Expert Solution Preview


In this assignment, you are required to conduct research in your region and compile a list of local healthcare organizations. The purpose of this exercise is to familiarize yourself with different types of healthcare organizations and understand their classifications, ownership structures, and the services they provide. This will enable you to gain a broader understanding of the healthcare landscape in your area.

Local Healthcare Organizations in [Your Region]

1. Local Hospital: [Hospital Name]
– Ownership: [For-profit/Nonprofit]
– Approximate Size: [Number of beds and/or physicians]
– Website: [Link to their website]

2. Outpatient Clinic: [Clinic Name]
– Ownership: [For-profit/Nonprofit]
– Approximate Size: [Number of physicians]
– Website: [Link to their website]

3. Long-term Care Facility: [Facility Name]
– Ownership: [For-profit/Nonprofit]
– Approximate Size: [Number of beds]
– Website: [Link to their website]

4. Free Clinic or Local Health Department: [Clinic/Department Name]
– Ownership: [For-profit/Nonprofit]
– Approximate Size: [Number of volunteers]
– Website: [Link to their website]

Please note that the information provided above is based on the available data and may be subject to change. It is always recommended to visit the respective organization’s official website for the most up-to-date information about their services, size, and ownership structure.

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