Written Assignment – Interdisciplinary Communication

You have been invited to assemble a task force to design a
medication assistance program. You need to submit a proposal, regarding
who you would invite, to the CEO. Consider the perspectives of
prescribers, discharge planners, financial navigators, patients,
suppliers, book keepers and subsidizers. If you were to seek the input
of 5-7 stakeholders, who would you invite to the planning table, and
why? Consider the need for a group facilitator. Who would that person
be, and why?

Submit a 2-3 page APA style response to this query. Open with a
paragraph of purpose, dedicate a paragraph to each stakeholder that you
would invite, and close with a summary of what you hope to accomplish
with the group, within a designated time frame.

Expert Solution Preview

The development of a medication assistance program entails the involvement of various stakeholders, including prescribers, discharge planners, financial navigators, patients, suppliers, bookkeepers, and subsidizers. The task force responsible for the design of this program needs to consult and seek input from these stakeholders to ensure that the program meets the needs of its intended beneficiaries. This response proposes a list of five stakeholders to invite to the planning table and a group facilitator who will oversee the process.

Stakeholder invitations and Justifications:
1. Prescribers: This group includes physicians, pharmacists, and nurses who play a critical role in prescribing medication and monitoring their efficacy. They would provide valuable insights into the clinical aspects of the program, such as drug interactions and compliance issues.

2. Patients: Patients form the core of the program as they are the ones who will benefit from the medication assistance. Inviting patients to the planning table ensures that the program addresses their needs, preferences, and experiences. Additionally, patient involvement promotes patient-centered care and shared decision-making.

3. Financial navigators: This group includes financial counselors, social workers, and patient advocates who provide support and guidance on the financial aspects of health care. They can contribute to the development of a program that is affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

4. Suppliers: Inviting suppliers such as pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors ensures that the program is based on the supply chain and market dynamics. They provide inputs on medication availability, pricing, and quality.

5. Bookkeepers: The financial aspects of the program are critical to its success, and bookkeepers play an essential role in managing and tracking the program’s budget and expenses. Their input provides insight into the financial viability of the program and identifies opportunities for cost savings.

Group Facilitator:
A group facilitator oversees the planning process and ensures that all stakeholders contribute meaningfully and collaboratively. The facilitator should be an individual with experience in project management, group dynamics, and conflict resolution. They should have excellent communication skills and a collaborative approach to problem-solving. A healthcare administrator or a trained facilitator would be suitable candidates for this role.

The proposed task force comprises prescribers, patients, financial navigators, suppliers, and bookkeepers, with a group facilitator overseeing the process. The ultimate goal of this task force is to design a medication assistance program that is affordable, accessible, and sustainable, and meets the needs of patients. Within a designated timeframe, the group will collaborate to develop a viable program that addresses the core issues and challenges associated with medication assistance.

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