HCA 430 PMI Tucson Informational Memorandum on Electronic Health Records Memo

EHRs have many components, functions, and attributes. Administrative staff must be educated comprehensively about all the factors that make up the EHR system.

You are the Chief Information Officer of your hospital. Write a memo addressed to the senior departmental staff. Any memo format may be used.

  • In this informational memo you will discuss, with outside literature support for each section, the following EHR components found in your textbook:
    • Administrative Processes
    • Communication & Connectivity
    • Decision Support
    • Dentistry/Optometry
    • Health Information & Data
    • Order Entry Management
    • Patient Support, Results Management
    • Population Health Management.
  • Research and describe what each of these components do, and why it is important for your facility to incorporate these. How does each affect reimbursement?
  • Support your position with solid peer reviewed research and make sure any facts in the paper receive in-text citations.
  • Your memo should be at least two full pages to fully explain to the managers all the various components of the hospital’s new EHR system.

Make sure to use credible journal articles or .gov websites in your research. Provide a cover page and references page as well.

LEVEL 2 Writing

Points Possible: 30

5 points for proper format and length

20 points for including all required items and explaining how they impact reimbursement

5 points for writing level


Expert Solution Preview


The implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is a crucial step for hospitals to improve patient care and enhance clinical outcomes. As the Chief Information Officer of our hospital, this memo is addressed to the senior departmental staff to provide comprehensive knowledge about the various components of the EHR system and their importance for our facility. In this memo, I will discuss the EHR components based on our textbook and provide outside literature support for each section.


To: Senior Departmental Staff
From: Chief Information Officer
Subject: Components of Hospital’s EHR System

I would like to discuss the various components of our hospital’s Electronic Health Records (EHRs) system. These components are essential for enhancing patient care, optimizing clinical outcomes, and improving the reimbursement process.

Administrative Processes: The administrative process component of the EHR system includes managing patient registrations, medical records, billing, scheduling appointments, and compliance with regulatory standards. With EHRs, administrative tasks become more efficient by automating processes, reducing manual workloads and providing real-time data analytics to support decision-making.

Communication & Connectivity: Communication and connectivity play a vital role in healthcare. The EHR’s connectivity component enables sharing of health information among healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers in real-time, reducing care delays and improving care coordination. EHRs also enhance communication through secure messaging, telehealth video conferencing, and remote monitoring.

Decision Support: The decision support component provides real-time clinical decision-making support, reducing medical errors and improving patient outcomes. With EHRs decision support, we can access clinical guidelines, drug interaction alerts, and recommend individualized treatment plans to patients.

Dentistry/Optometry: This component of the EHR system is designed specifically for dental and optometry practices. It includes features like digital imaging, charting, and billing, allowing dental and optometry practitioners to manage patient information seamlessly.

Health Information & Data: Health Information and Data is a critical EHR component that houses patient data securely and contains comprehensive health records, including lab results, immunization records, and prescriptions. This component provides data analytics tools for population health management and quality improvement which are essential in enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Order Entry Management: Order Entry Management (OEM) is an EHR component that allows physicians to view all the tests and procedures ordered for a patient, making it easy to track and manage each patient’s care. With OEM, we can avoid duplication of tests and medications, ensure compliance with protocols, and ease the billing process.

Patient Support, Results Management: Patient support and results management enable patients to view their test results, access educational materials, securely message their physicians, and schedule appointments. This component enables efficient patient-centered care and enhances patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Population Health Management: Population health management (PHM)- is a vital component of the EHR system that enables us to aggregate and analyze population data to improve patient care and outcomes. PHM identifies disease trends, preventive strategies, and risk factors that lead to improved outcomes and effective programs.

Reimbursements: The incorporation of these EHR components is crucial in improving the reimbursement process. By streamlining the administrative processes through EHR, we can reduce manual labor, avoid errors, and improve claim accuracy. The decision support component and PHM provide a cost-effective approach to care, reducing waste and enhancing outcomes, which can positively impact reimbursement.

In conclusion, the EHR system is crucial in improving patient outcomes, enhancing care coordination, and optimizing clinical workflows. These components are important in improving the reimbursement process of healthcare organizations. Credible peer-reviewed research supports our decision to incorporate these EHR components. I hope this memo provides comprehensive knowledge about the various EHR components crucial for our hospital. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


CNBC. (2017, August 09). How Alexa’s best skill could be as a home health-care assistant. CNBC. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/09/how-alexas-best-skill-could-be-as-a-home-health-care-assistant.html

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