Covering some issue/technological development/debate which technology

Covering some issue/technological development/debate which technology is how directly impacts our very society and culture. Take a comparative look at such an issue/development/debate. This should absolutely be a contentious issue, not an already decided one, and must seriously consider the opposition when making the case and must make an argument in the end for one position over the other. The following are just some general points to be clarified going into the paper, based on expressed comments and concerns.

• Blog posts by regular people are not an acceptable source as a rule. If your topic relates to the issue of social media monitoring, there may be an exception, but peer reviewed is generally the rule here. • Newspaper articles, journal articles, magazine articles, internet electronic copies of actual documents are all credible sources.

• Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, and similarly inept sources are not. • If you cannot cite an actual author or authors by name, it is not an appropriate source. Basically, an information page on a website should not be something the bulk of your research is based upon. • MUST have a sources/bibliography/works cited page- that also does not count as a page. • MUST use at least TEN sources. • Quotes are encouraged and necessary, but do not count towards page length if used in excess. • You must have at least fifteen citations; at least eight of these must be direct quotations. • Chicago Style Citation

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