Computer Science: Homeland Cybersecurity Protection

At the start of this course, you were divided into teams, and each team was assigned to a nation in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance. As a nation team, you collaborated to represent and defend the cybersecurity policy and posture of the nation assigned to you. Your team was also assigned to a critical infrastructure sector, which you will also represent in Project 4. You will work with your team to prepare for and then complete the Executive Leadership In Tabletop Exercises (ELITE) activity, and then write a report that identifies risks to cyber networks within the critical infrastructure industry segment assigned to your team and proposes recommendations to mitigate risks and make the networks more secure. Man standing in front of six computer screens holding his head. The screens are filled with flashing binary 1s and 0s.

There is a red pop-up window in the middle of each screen flashing YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK! The team of cybersecurity intelligence analysts remains diligent in securing the nation’s communication networks during the global summit. As the summit proceeds, your CISO summons your team for an additional task. “You are doing a great job of preserving our nation’s cyber posture, but everyone is still on edge,” she says with a sigh. “Particularly the United States, which is scheduled to host next year’s economic summit.” She continues: “The allied nations have agreed to combine forces to improve and support procedures for next year’s summit. All allies now have access to the United States’ ELITE.” “Who are the ELITE?” one colleague asks. “Not who. What,” the CISO replies. “ELITE stands for the Executive Leadership in Tabletop Exercise. And we’ll use it to protect the critical infrastructure sectors that could be at risk during the next summit.”

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