Why is this important for NGRNS as they transition?

Continuing lifelong learning to enhance the individual scope of practice and clinical knowledge following the transition to the role of a registered nurse. (Have to write a mock journal article on this topic) The topic must have an Australian and ‘new graduate’ focus that relates to the experience of transition of an RN into an organisation


The abstract · Often it is easier to write this last once you know what is in the rest of the article is about as it should be a summary of all the aspects you have included Introduction · Description of lifelong learning Significance · Why is this important for NGRNS as they transition? Discussion · This is where you talk about what the lit is saying on the topic – think of it like threads in a conversation.


ou write a topic sentence for your 1st issue or point; Next introduce the first piece of evidence with a 1st ref to support it, then add additional sentences with references that either support or disagree with this. This could look something like this: Keeping up with medical advancements is a significant issue for the NGRN. Smith and Smith (DATE) argue that it is important for nurses transitioning to practice to maintain and improve their skills and knowledge as technology changes. Jones and Green (DATE) agree with this and suggest that not only should NGRNS seek out opportunities for professional development but that workplaces should support them in their learning. [Anj– I have just made this up with fake references as an example] 

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