What Do We Owe One Another?

 Description Essay/Discussion Memo This quarter, through the lens of different perspectives, we have asked the questions: what is just, and for whom am I morally responsible? In achieving justice, what do we owe one another, what is fair, and what is in the individual versus the common good? Consider a real-world current event or issue and answer the following question: What, if anything, do we owe one another, and for whom am I morally responsible? To begin, you must find at least one news article from a reliable and verifiable journalistic source recently published describing a real-world event or issue that interests you. Consider which course concepts, readings, films, and lectures provide insight to the question above in the context of your event or issue by applying our perspectives on moral philosophy and reflecting on the relationship between law and justice. Compare, contrast, and analyze different perspectives that we covered in C10, and come to a conclusion. These include: Utilitarianism, Kant, Egalitarian Liberalism, Libertarianism, Rawls, Critical Race Theory, Feminist Legal Theory, Aristotle, the Narrative Conception, and the Political Responsibility Model. Reliable and verifiable journalistic news sources include publications like: the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, The Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, The Atlantic, The Economist, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, PBS News or National Public Radio, Politico, Time, or wire services like Reuters or the Associated Press. You must include the source of the article(s), publication date(s), and author(s) in your Works Cited/ Bibliography/ References page. Thus, be sure to track and download your news article(s) while conducting research. You have significant freedom to respond to this prompt. Be sure to develop a thesis based on this prompt to frame your paper, analysis, and conclusions. You should develop an argument, and avoid merely “summarizing” what you read. Your essay should meaningfully integrate and apply a variety of course materials to support your arguments. You do not need to conduct any outside research to complete this essay, other than selecting your news article(s). In general, we will evaluate the quality of your analysis, and the extent to which your essay reflects a clear understanding of the perspectives and materials discussed in class, as well as writing, citation/attribution, spelling and grammar, proofreading, and coherent organization. It should be 4 full pages, and no more than 5, double-spaced, in 12-point font with 1” margins. It must include, in addition to the essay, a Works Cited or Bibliography page. Indicate your name, course name, and SID # on an unnumbered cover page (see example format below). Try to add a creative/descriptive title. Please see your course syllabus for more essay writing guidelines and resources, including the academic dishonesty policy. In your analysis and throughout your final paper, you must: 1. Specifically, and productively integrate and refer to your reading materials assigned throughout the quarter. You need not incorporate all of our materials, but select several concepts and excerpts that are relevant and responsive to your chosen issue and use them in a meaningful way. Be sure to support and attribute with citation (including author and page reference) any ideas that are not your own, as well as direct quotations. 2. Identify and use at least one news article about your event/issue, described above. Beyond these instructions, you have ample freedom to develop a thesis and respond to the prompt based on the context you have selected for analysis, and as it relates to course themes. FORMAT AND TIPS – See your syllabus for guidelines regarding written essays and papers. 1.Title Page – provide an attractive and accurate final title that reflects your project, and format it this way: Immigration: On Moral Obligations and the Case for a Border Wall First M Last Student ID 111222333 C10 – Foundations of CLS 2.Your final essay should be four (4) full pages in length, and a maximum of 5 (five), not including the title page or bibliography/works cited. 3.It must be double-spaced, in 12-point professional font, paginated, with 1-inch margins, in APA, MLS, or CMS format (whatever you prefer and are comfortable using for citation). 4.It must include a Works Cited, Bibliography, or References page of all sources used in your paper. You may include either end of sentence citation or footnotes (whichever you prefer). 5.Proofread your assignment carefully before submission: spell check, be clear with words and sentences, and organize your ideas. Writing, organization, and clarity count!


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