International Political Economy: Debate Essay


“Some scholars argue that postwar Japan and Korea followed the same basic developmental model. But these similarities were only on the surface. Rather, their domestic political and economic situations were very different, and their external circumstances were dissimilar as well. More importantly, the strategies and policies they followed were not at all similar. Given all of these differences, it is simply intellectual laziness to treat them as the same model of development.” (Requirements: The five-page paper should be in standard essay format. You must present the main arguments and counter-arguments from BOTH sides of these one-sided statements in a fair manner and roughly equally. You of course can/should have your own position, but you must at the minimum demonstrate your understanding of the other side of the argument.

Think hard about the arguments, counter-arguments, critiques, and comebacks; include in your essay only what is most crucial and relevant. This means analysis, not mere description. Remember to stay focused on the question. you are responsible for all materials covered in the readings, lectures, and class discussions. You need to demonstrate that you have mastered the readings for the course. For the essay, cite relevant authors when appropriate, either in footnotes, parenthetically, or in the text of your analysis. You do not need footnotes for the one-pager, but put everything into your own words. )

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