HIPPA privacy and security rules

Although the Course Project Manual will be written as an academic paper in Microsoft Word, it is really a training manual for the identified audience. The intent is that HIT graduates can use this document and training presentation for interview purposes upon graduation to a potential employer. It must be an originally developed and presented according to the following formatting and content requirements in accordance with DeVry academic writing, APA, and academic integrity policies. The original content must (1) be supplemented with specific legislation specifically (state and/or federal statue, regulation and/or legal guidance) and clearly related to the selected topic and audience, and (2) incorporate a minimum of four references, with one from the sources below. Keep in mind that paid or politically motivated legal sources are not authorized for the purpose of this assignment. The current course textbook A state or federal governmental source to support specified legislation (must be .gov if using Internet source) A peer-reviewed journal from DeVry’s online library databases Scholarly or professional source such as AHIMA, HIMSS, and so on

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