Description Student will pick a developmental issue of interest from the course text and conduct a literature review providing research for that topic. Findings will be presented in the form of a research paper. The body of the paper will be 3-4 pages in length (not including the cover, abstract, or reference page) and must follow APA guidelines. This paper is required to have 4 scholarly resources (peer reviewed journals, resource books, no more than one internet site – preferably a .org) in addition to the course text for a minimum of 5 resources. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If in doubt, quote it! The development issue that I have chosen is ADHD IN CHILDREN. Please circle paper option #1 or #2 Content Information Detailed discussion of the topic and its importance to the study of human development and the field of education Evidence of Critical thought and reflection on the topic Organization and Quality of the writing of the paper The body of the paper is the appropriate length (Body 3-4 pages) At least 4 scholarly resources + text with maximum of only 1 internet resource (5 total sources) Margins, spelling, grammar, paragraph construction, sentence structure, punctuation, etc.) APA (Correct APA Referencing Format, title page, headings, etc.) Total Possible Points


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