A short Physical Activity Essay

Write a short Physical Activity Essay (minimum 800 words in objective 3rd person, not 1st person/I), based on the data you entered into HealthWatch360 (Fitness Log) and the assigned resources (Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 (opens in a new window), course text, etc), that addresses the following topics: For the essay you are writing it up as if the data belongs to your patient. Do not use I, me, my, etc

Ex. My patient, Donna, completed a 7 day and diet and activities. The focus of this week’s essay is her physical activity activities

On average her calories consumption was (fill in), her dietary recommendation is (fill in). She says some days she feels lazy bc of her work schedule.( Her lowest physical activity were- in her day 6, she only walking outdoor for 30 minutes. her highest -.,in her day 4, her exercise 1 hours,  Gym- bicycling, health club exercise- sweaty )The recommendations for a female, age X, activity X would be (fill in). In comparing these for the patient, Donna meets/does not meet these recommendations.

Explain the importance of doing aerobic activity, bone strengthening exercises, and muscle strengthening exercises.

Explain your recommended physical activity based on your age, sex, etc.  How do you compare to your target, assuming you have one?

Discuss the importance of exercising 30 minutes per day.  Discuss your goals for improvement and barriers that keep you from achieving your target or overcoming barriers to exercise.

Explain the relationship between diet and water consumption with regard to activity.

Explain determining a healthy weight.

Explain your efforts to ensure energy balance and how you know.

Discuss at least 2 specific factors that impact your energy balance and what can or will you do to overcome them.

References are required to support the above.

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