Select one of the following as the focus for the teaching plan: 1.

Select one of the following as the focus for the teaching plan:

1. Primary Prevention/Health Promotion

2. Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population

3. Bioterrorism/Disaster

4. Environmental Issues

**need to be chosen**

Use the “Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal” resource to complete this assignment. This will help you organize your plan and create an outline for the written assignment.

**This is a template that will need to be used**

1. After completing the teaching proposal, review the teaching plan proposal with a community health and public health provider in your local community.

2. Request feedback (strengths and opportunities for improvement) from the provider.

3. Complete the “Community Teaching Experience” form with the provider. You will submit this form in Topic 5.

Expert Solution Preview

As a medical professor, it is important to provide students with a well-rounded education and prepare them for their future roles in healthcare. One aspect of this includes community-based education, which allows students to interact with local communities and work together to improve health outcomes. For this assignment, I have chosen to focus on Environmental Issues as the topic for the teaching plan.


1. Teaching Plan Proposal: For the teaching plan proposal, I will begin by conducting a needs assessment to determine the environmental health concerns in the local community. This will involve meeting with community organizations, conducting surveys, and reviewing relevant literature. Based on this assessment, I will develop a lesson plan for students to educate the community on the identified issues. This may include topics such as air pollution, water quality, and hazardous waste. The lesson plan will be designed to involve interactive activities, testing understanding and problem solving.

2. Feedback from Provider: I will work with a local environmental health provider to review the teaching plan proposal and request feedback. The provider will be asked to review the proposal for accuracy and relevance, as well as provide feedback on the potential effectiveness and areas for improvement. The feedback will be incorporated into the final lesson plan.

3. Community Teaching Experience Form: Following the completion of the teaching plan and the delivery of the lesson, a Community Teaching Experience form will be completed with the provider. This form will include feedback from the students and the community on the effectiveness of the lesson and any suggestions for future improvements. This form will be submitted in Topic 5 as part of the final assignment.

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