Select a healthcare provider in your community. Locate the Governing

Select a healthcare provider in your community. Locate the Governing Board on their website. What is the composition of the Board? What organizations or companies are the board members associated with? What type of expertise do they bring to the organization? Are there any consumer members? Do you think the Board would benefit from any other industries being represented on the board?  Be sure to provide the link to the Governing Board.

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As a medical professor, it is important to understand the composition of healthcare provider governing boards in the community. These boards play a crucial role in decision making and enhancing the quality of healthcare services offered by healthcare providers. Therefore, it is significant to analyze the composition of the governing board, organizations or companies board members are associated with, consumer members, and expertise brought into the organization to evaluate the effectiveness of the governing board.

After carefully analyzing various healthcare providers in my community, I have identified St. Anthony’s Medical Center as an exemplary healthcare provider in the community. The governing board of St. Anthony Medical Center is composed of 13 members with diverse backgrounds, expertise, and affiliations. The board comprises professionals in healthcare, business, and law.

The board members affiliated with various organizations and companies include Archdiocese of St. Louis, Webster University, Sims Metal Management, and several others. Each board member brings a unique set of skills and experience to the organization, ranging from healthcare administration to legal expertise, finance, and marketing.

There are no consumer members in the St. Anthony Medical Center governing board. However, the board has a representative from the Patient and Family Advisory Council, which works to enhance patient experience and satisfaction.

In my opinion, it would be beneficial to have consumer members on the board. They would provide valuable feedback from a patient’s perspective, enhancing patient-centred care. Additionally, having representatives from the technology industry would help with innovative solutions and enhancing IT services.

St. Anthony Medical Center official governance can be viewed at

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