Hi, I need help writing my Concept Paper for my nursing integration.

Hi, I need help writing my Concept Paper for my nursing integration. My Topic is Nursing Intervention for SKIN INTERIGITY( Pressure ulcer). I was trying to upload my instructions file within this but It’s not letting me do that. Is there any way where I can attach my file please let me know and I end up typing in. I hope this will work. THANK YOU!!


Instructions: Write a paper for an audience of your peers about a concept exemplar you are assigned. This paper should not be a series of quotes from the literature, but a synthesis of the literature related to the concept. Use subheadings for each of the major areas listed below.

Aesthetic Experience that Captures the Concept Exemplar: (“story”/poem/music/picture). 

1.     Attach the aesthetic experience (AE) and make it clear in writing how this captures the defining characteristics of your concept exemplar.

In one paragraph, explain how the AE reflects the concept exemplar and how the concept exemplar and AE reflect your resident

Noticing and Responding – A Specific Case of the Concept Exemplar:

1.     Describe an individual you cared for this semester in practice who has experienced the concept exemplar

2.     What did you notice related to this exemplar with your individual? In no more than two pages, explain the relevant information that you noticed, Include brief health history and physical findings and both subjective and objective data. 

3.     Include cultural considerations which relate to the concept. Provide literature to support.

4.     Identify additional assessment data that would be important to collect.

5. Use standardized language to identify one priority 3-part nursing diagnosis. Need to state the 3-part diagnosis.

Responding – Nursing Interventions:

1.      Find 1 nursing research article (study) that identifies nursing interventions that would fit with your concept.   

2.     From the article, why you would use the interventions for this individual and the rationale for each intervention (one paragraph for each intervention). 

 Reflecting – Your Personal Knowledge: 

1.     In no more than one page, explain how your personal knowledge of the concept has grown (how it influences patients, what you can do about it as a nurse). The depth of individual learning of the student should be reflected.

2.     The body of the paper does not exceed the 5-page limit

3.     7th APA formatting: Title page, reference page, in-text citation, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure.

Link for the instructions and residents’ details.



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As a professor in charge of creating assignments for medical college students, it is important to provide guidance and support to ensure successful completion of tasks. In this case, the student requests assistance in writing a concept paper on nursing interventions for skin integrity regarding pressure ulcers. The instructions provided require a thorough understanding of the concept, including an aesthetic experience, noticing and responding to a specific case, cultural considerations, identifying a nursing diagnosis, nursing interventions from a research article, and personal reflection.

Answer to the question:
Unfortunately, as an AI language model, I am not able to view or access any attachments or links provided by the student. However, I can provide general guidance to approach writing a concept paper. It is essential to conduct extensive research on the concept and ensure that the synthesis of literature is well organized with appropriate subheadings. The aesthetic experience should reflect the defining characteristics of the concept exemplar, while the specific case should include a brief health history, physical findings, subjective and objective data, cultural considerations, and identifying a nursing diagnosis. The nursing interventions identified in the research article should be explained, including the rationale for each intervention, and personal reflection of the concept’s personal growth should be included. The paper should adhere to 7th APA formatting guidelines, including proper grammar, sentence structure, and in-text citation.

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