System Implementation Plan

Part 1 Examine the organization where you currently work, somewhere you have worked in the past, or a place where you would like to be employed in the future. Identify a need for an IT system to replace a paper/manual process or to upgrade an existing system. In your paper: Describe the need your new system will address and how it will improve quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, and/or how it will reduce expenses. Describe the selection process required to acquire the appropriate system, including the person or team that will make the final selection. Within this section: Describe at least three potential vendors and how they can be differentiated. Once you identify the final vendor, complete a simple qualitative return on investment (ROI) analysis (what qualitative aspects are desirable). List strategies that will ensure a successful implementation and describe potential barriers to success. Create a high-level implementation plan (high-level steps to implement the system). The body of your paper should be 5–7 pages long. Include a Title page. Include a References page. Include four academic references to support your ideas. Include an Appendix section for marketing material and/or system implementation documents. You should be researching the viable solution to the problem and supporting your ideas with examples from your readings and research. Part 2 create a power point presentation that explains and defends your choices in your written system implementation plan.

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