Assignment 1: LASA 2: Business Continuity Plan for a Business

Consider the following scenario:

You are a security consultant working for a company that does not have a business continuity plan. You have been asked to meet with internal customers and the IT department to determine the core competencies of the business. Then, you will use that information to develop a business continuity plan.


For this assignment, create a business continuity plan, not to be confused with a disaster recovery plan. Introduce the company and its core competencies. The company can be real or imaginary; however, it should be described so that the reader understands exactly how you are relating each element of your business continuity plan to business needs.Identify the sector in which the company operates as well as its core values, mission, and objectives

.Choose at least eight elements of a business continuity plan that you have studied in this course. Be sure to include elements in disaster recovery; business operations; business continuity; customer communication; staffing contingencies; employee communications; ethical and legal obligations; and system integrity.Map each element of the plan to a specific business requirement. Each of the elements noted in the business continuity plan should be aligned with an organizational need, including department and customer base (if any), and the element it is related to. Base recommendations on expert’s opinions from white papers, journals, or magazines that are credible in IT. (If you have a question about whether a source is credible, be sure to ask your instructor.) You should use at least three sources, not including your textbook.Identify who is responsible for carrying out each element of the plan and identify the scope of the individual’s work within the framework of business continuity.

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