America in Midpassage Essay Questions

Answer the three following questions in three separate, typed essays using only the lecture slides and readings in the Files section. Writing instructions are listed below……

1) Some historians have argued that the framers of the U.S. Constitution were politically progressive, trying to enshrine and protect political principles in a new framework of government. Others scholars contend they were essentially conservative, trying to limit political power and protect their own interests. Would you agree more with one position or the other? Why?…………

2) Both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson and their followers had contrasting plans for the future development of the U.S. In your opinion, by roughly 1815 which founder and their followers had done a better job of implementing their vision for the future of the U.S.? Why?…………

3) Some historians have argued that internal divisions primarily kept Native Americans from maintaining a unified resistance to American officials and settlers in the early 1800s. Other scholars have asserted that overwhelming pressure from white officials and settlers primarily undercut Native Americans from maintaining their independence. Which argument might you agree with more? Why?………..Answer each set of questions above in three separate essays. Write essays that demonstrate an understanding of the relevant course material (i.e. the assigned readings and lecture slides) and an ability to think critically about the historical topics under consideration. Each essay should be roughly 500-750 words, typed and double spaced with standard set margins. Proper pronunciation and grammar is essential. The essays should contain a respectable number of facts and quotes from the lecture slides and readings (in the files section). Outside sources such as other books or the internet are not relevant for this assignment.

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