Sociology 300: REACTION PAPER

REACTION PAPER Read and write a Reaction Paper on the Ch. 3 “Cultural Variation in Emotion” from the book Emotion in Social Relations by B. Parkinson, A. Fischer, and A. Manstead. 2005. General page format: a) Double-spaced and font size scaled to 12; b) Page numbers on the upper right-hand corner of each page (starting with the second page of the text), one inch from the right side and one- half inch from the top of the page; HOW TO WRITE A REACTION PAPER? 1. Abstract: a) Write an objective of your paper (approximately 50-70 words), including most important information it covers; (summary of what you are doing) 2. Body Text: (summary, response, experience, understanding) a) Write about the 3-4 pages with the internal text citations: 2 direct and 2 indirect quotes. (See ASA Style Guide!) b) Have the subheadings before the sections.

1. Summary: Summarize the chapter. 2. Response: Select the part of the chapter to which you want to respond. Explain what it is and why you chose it. 3. Experience: Relate this to a personal experience of your own or someone you know, or the information you know from other sources. Provide enough details to make your explanations understandable. 4. Understanding: Write what insights does this chapter add to your understanding and experience? Did you like the explanations? Are there things from your experience or understanding that could add to the author’s explanation? 3. Headings and subheadings: a) Primary headings in all caps, centered or aligned at the left margin; b) Secondary headings in italics, centered or aligned at the left margin; capitalize the first letter in each word. 4. References: (See ASA Style Guide!) List the references (sources of information) on a separate page. Remember! Your goal is to apply the information of a chapter in order to gain some insight into some aspect of your or other’s life! Format [Please, use the ASA (American Sociological Association) format]


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