Impact of climate change on Philippines measures/mechanisms and

The module is assessed by a 3300 word critical essay. You will be able to write the essay on whatever aspect of the module interests you most following consultation with the lecturer; this can have a direct focus on health issues but it can also take up other areas of concern related to climate change.

1.Identify and critically analyse current and potential threats to human lives and livelihoods due to global climate change.

2.Discuss the complex social, political, economic and environmental determinants of vulnerability to the effects of global climate change. 3.Explain how global climate change is likely to affect the nature, frequency and magnitude of humanitarian emergencies.

4.Critically analyse strategies for adaptation to the effects of global climate change and propose a variety of adaptation strategies that are designed to ensure sustainable livelihoods and the development potential of a range of vulnerable populations.

5.Investigate policies and instruments that are available to governments to create incentives for mitigation action and propose strategies for mitigation action appropriate to key stakeholders.

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