Roman civilization

Description In seminar you have been exploring the Roman world through the structure of the familia. Using your Familia character as a reference point, write about life in the Roman Empire in as much detail as possible. Your account need not hold to every detail of your seminar experience, but it should make sense within the framework of Roman society and history, and it should be plausible (if you cannot find a precedent for something in your lecture notes, TRSC or ARD it probably shouldn’t be in the essay, see below). It should also have a coherent structure, and not simply be a collection of random facts. To support your essay you MUST include the following “3-2-1” system (otherwise a 5% penalty will be applied to the final grade for each item omitted): • Reference to at least THREE primary sources from ARD. Review the Primary Source Exercise to make sure you understand what are primary sources in Classics and how to cite them. • Reference to at least TWO essays from TRSC. • Reference to ONE independently researched secondary source. This must be found through the Brock Library (follow the Research Guide link above for direction to the main Classics resources). Random webpages and Wikipedia are NOT eligible. The bibliographies and reading lists in ARD and TRSC have plenty of examples, use them.

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