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Description Develop your own business concept (2,000 words) for your case study and generate a BMC to reflect this. you are now to consider a new business concept or set of activities for this organisation. Think originally and creatively! But most importantly, think about the SWOT with the business model you highlighted in the conclusion of your previous assignment. What kinds of strengths and opportunities can take advantage of? What are some weaknesses and threats you can address or mitigate? Use this information as a starting point to develop a creative idea that sets in line with the practical aspects of the business’ existing canvas, but also aims to build up their bottom line. Specifically, you are expected to: • Develop and design a new business concept or set of operational activities based upon your analysis in the first task. • Explain the concept and how it affects elements of the business model canvas (including links and interactions). Be sure you emphasise these. • Generate a new original business model canvas, including a written summary for each section, as well as a pictorial/graphical representation of the canvas. There is no need to repeat what has already been discussed in your first paper. • No idea is perfect. Discuss points of risk or concerns with the idea, so that you’re able to showcase a thorough ability to dissect your own ideas logically. Please make sure you are using relevant theories, questions and concepts you find appropriate from the modules, but most of the research will have been conducted in your first task. You should also be highly aware of the practicality and feasibility of your concept suggestions, anticipate some of the implementation issues, costs and wider benefits to your business. Suggested Structure: (Report format) • Title Page • Contents Page • Introduction • SWOT • Your Idea (based off your SWOT) • BMC Elements Affected this Proposal • Graphical Representation of new generated BMC • Implementation Considerations • List of References • Appendix (if required)

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