Description In 1000 words (or so), take up an argument supporting or opposing one of Kierkegaard’s claims. This paper should include: A title page in APA style. An introduction with some kind of attention getting device and thesis statement. A clear thesis where you: establish your position and preview your main points in support of that position. A main point where you explain Kierkegaard’s position/argument. This section should include at least two short quotes from the texts we have read. A main point where you defend or attack Kierkegaard’s argument. Include at least one academic (peer-reviewed) source that supports your claim. A conclusion where you restate (not copy-paste) your thesis and come to a conclusion. Remember that the conclusion is not the place for argumentation. Your “bombshell” needs to come in the body of the paper. An APA reference page with all sources. The paper is due before class on the assigned day.


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