Genetically modified foods

 It is a position paper for Model United Nations, we are representing Poland on the topic Genetically modified foods. Intro should contain a general aspect of the topic and Poland’s position; second paragraph Poland’s national rules and government laws and resolutions on that topic; the third paragraph the main things Poland did on the international level (for ex resolutions and conferences it attended); last paragraph should contain resolutions on how to solve the topic. These questions extracted from the Background guide should be answered: How do the potential advantages and bene ts weight against the envi- ronmental and biosafety risks? · What implementations or initiatives can be made to minimize the risks? · What are the pros and cons of the different ways countries approach regulating GMOs such as the EU vs. the U.S.? Does there need to be a uni ed approach? · Are there ways to better regulate GMOs internationally on the market and how may this affect the outlook of GMOs in developing countries? · What are the larger implications of patenting on GM technology and how is the GMO market and general community affected by this? · How important and what can be done to improve consumer transpar- ency and public understanding of GMOs? To what extent does this resolution consider the bene ts and risks for use of GMOs both for your country and for the greater international market? · Which aspects of GM technology are addressed? Are there any aspects that are prioritized over others? Are there any aspects that are not con- sidered? · What proposals are made – both nationally and internationally – and what forces need to be involved and what measures need to be taken to ensure these proposals are carried through accordingly? Are factors such as viability, execution, and ac- ceptance/awareness considered?

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