Explain what the images represent in relation to the culture and time

Identify and describe works of art based on their chronology and style, using standard categories and terminology. Soundbox of the lyre from ”King’s Grave” (p. 38, figure 2 10). Explain what the images represent in relation to the culture and time period. Rubric: Student meets criteria of essay questions 40% Student uses element and style references correctly 20% Student explains the cultural and time period influences on work(s) of art -20% Student adequately identifies the art within the style period 20% cite 3 sources of information other than the book. Remember you are in college you need to write like you are in college. General statements will not do. You need to back up your statements give reasons why you think the way you do. Use good grammar, no slang unless it is important to a point you are trying to make, correct your spelling, have a topic sentence and draw a conclusion. A well-written paper has an introductory paragraph, the body of the paper, and a conclusion paragraph

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