Due to long hours, workers sacrifice health, fitness and even family.

Description Focus on the analysis of the issues pertaining to your topic rather than propose solutions that purportedly address them. What does the literature inform us about this topic? What are the key issues, considerations, and challenges pertaining to the topic? Why does the topic have current relevance? Compare and contrast the key points various authors state about the topic. What are the major policy implications (public policies, organizational policies, or both) that are relevant to the topic? How do your research findings compare to what our text states about the topic? For this assignment, you should use books, peer-reviewed journal articles, professional association publication, and electronic sources as reference materials. Research Paper must be outlined as follows: Introduction: (2-3 paragraphs) describe the topic and how it fits into this course of study Significance: (1-2 paragraphs) emphasize the significance of your research Problem Statement: (1-2 paragraphs) clearly state the issue(s)/problem(s) of concern you researched state the history of the problem (s) Literature Review: (4-6 paragraphs) identify the sources you used to obtain information for your research Findings: (4-6 paragraphs) state what you believe are possible sources of the issues/problems you presented identify what you believe are consequences of the issues/problems you presented identify roles within an organization or organizational units which can be affected by the issues/problems clearly state whether each issue/problem is one of inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and/or inequity Conclusion: (1-2 paragraphs) the conclusion is intended to help the reader understand why the research was important. A conclusion is not merely a summary of the main topics covered or a re-statement of your research problem, but a synthesis of key points and your recommendations. . References/Bibliography: A minimum of ten (10) references is required You should use books, peer-reviewed journal articles, professional association publication, and electronic sources as reference materials. Provide complete reference information (author, date, title, publication, volume and page numbers; providing a URL only is insufficient) on a separate sheet. To be considered “complete,” reference information must include author(s), title, date, and publisher plus, if a journal or magazine article, the name of the journal or magazine, volume and issue numbers, and page numbers. A reference citation containing only a URL is insufficient. **Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations Joan E. Pynes John Wiley & Sons; 4th Edition; 2013

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