“How do hand warmers work”

You are a scientist in your life and in the real world. Part of the fun of learning about the world and how it works is going beyond the text and seeing it for yourself in action. This quarter you are studying 4 major fields of science Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science and Astronomy. For two (2) of those fields, you will perform an experiment and create a lab report on “How Do Hand Warmers Work.” At the end of each chapter you are assigned to read this quarter, there are “ACTIVITIES (HANDS-ON APPLICATION)” where you can find your “experiment.” CAUTION: Please make sure that you have the proper safety equipment when conducting any experiment. This generally includes but is not limited to, eye protection in the form of goggles or safety glasses and clothing that is not loose fitting. For each lab report you must:

1.Describe the purpose and hypothesis of the experiment. (What are you trying to prove or see?) 2.List/show the materials used. 3.Describe the procedure. (Describe the steps of the experiment and what you did so that a classmate could replicate if they wanted.) 4.Describe and display the results. (What happened? Hint: Some of the data may be easier to show in charts or with graphics.) 5.Answer the following explanatory and interpretative questions: ◦Why do you think you achieved the results that you did? ◦Did anything unexpected happen? ◦Do the data/results support the hypothesis? Why? (Show using specific references to the data.)

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