Teens between addiction and high stress

– Writing a research paper 6 pages in length (Times Roman, 12 point, double spaced) not including title page or reference pages. – Research the topic referencing a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed journal articles, government and health organization research and literature, and current texts that you find. ————– – Summarize the research findings about the risk factors for the selected population (Teens). (If you found conflicting research or research that changed your understanding, explain). – Include how lifestyle and behavior decisions influence health specific to this population.

– Distinguish how culture, diversity, and life stage for this population impact health behavior choices in general.

– Develop a health plan to specifically support/coach your chosen population at risk. Include all of the four general ways of improving health behaviors: stress management, physical exercise, nutrition and pain management. Support your recommendations with references to theories, evidence-based practices, and other findings in the research. – Recommend a prevention plan, prevention strategies, and treatment plan if the risk factor develops for your chosen population.

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