After reading the Starbucks case study from our textbook, respond to the following prompts in one to five sentences: Based on the information in the case (and as of the case’s date, 2013)

-What moves has Starbucks taken to increase diversification (i.e. product offerings, product delivery, geographic scope) -How do they create value for Starbucks (refer to the specific types of economies of scope described in our text)? -Have they affected Starbucks’ level of cost leadership advantage?

-Have they affected Starbucks’ level of differentiation advantage? -As Starbucks diversified it sought to create economies of scope and develop resources/capabilities to support diversification. See Chapter 9, Table 9.3, and Table 9.4 -Describe these economies of scope and resources/capabilities -Explain why they are or are not rare. -Explain why they are or are not costly to imitate. -Who are Starbucks competitors, and how have they imitated Starbucks as it diversified?


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