Solitary Confinement and the effects on prison inmates

An Expository Essay Specs POV – Third person is preferable. Second person is allowed. First person is prohibited. Minimum word count – 1200 words (title and heading word count are not included in total essay word count) Essay structure – You can write the essay in five paragraph structure if you’d like but know that the five paragraph structure is very restrictive for this type of free-flowing writing. It is better to ensure you have a strong and entertaining introduction and a good solid conclusion, but let the body of the work flow naturally.

A FEW TIPS Write from your heart first then give yourself time to revise and edit for grammar. Focus on writing a good thesis first, BEFORE you write the rest of the essay. Do not attempt to free write this essay. You will not be able to avoid bias while writing this essay. Write from the heart. Bias will be innate. Due your best to primarily and mostly explain your ideas. You cannot complete this essay without research. You will need to research your topic in order to learn the most you possibly can. Do yourself a favor: Research ideas that you agree with as well as those you do not. Read your secondary sources with an open mind. Identify a personal goal to focus on while your learn more about this subject matter.

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