Risk Management: Disaster Recovery Plan

1. The company we chose for this paper to discuss is Google, and the disaster we choose is Winter Storms in New York.

2. this term paper is about the business disaster recovery plan. The whole term paper is about 20 pages double space, however, what i need is to finish the only two section which is RISK ASSESSMENT and BUSINESS IMPACT ANALYSIS (which is about 8 pages double space). 2. Risks must be related to IT SYSTEMS. And we already come up with some potential risks you can look at the file we uploaded. And you can add some other risks that may affect IT systems. You need to explain why those factors will be potential risks in the determined backgroud( the background we decided is the winter storm in NY).

3. In the second file we uploaded, you can see the basic template for the paper. You should meet all the requirements in the template and generate the similar forms in the template for each section(Risk assessment section and Business Impact Analysis section) 4. For the numbers in the forms, you can research for it or make it up appropriately.

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