Rhetorical Analysis Essay – DNA by Kendrick Lamar

As an artifact for my rhetorical analysis, I chose the song “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar from his most recent and provocative album “Damn”, released in 2017. Living in a Trump-era America, we face many social issues  such as gender and race inequality, police brutality, and a rise in hate crimes across the country. It is important that musicians with strong influence on the younger generation address these issues to spread awareness. With his album “Damn” receiving a Nobel Peace Prize, Lamar is definitely a musician with a strong grasp over not just young listeners but older ones as well.  The message the rapper spreads in this song is about the struggles the African American community, and how important to stay loyal to each other within their culture.

Saying, “I got royalty, got loyalty inside my DNA”, he represents his pride as a black person and his respect for his heritage and community. The song goes further to describe rising up against naysayers to his music, and addresses the hardships African Americans face due to the stereotypes forced upon them. 

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