Purchasing and Procurement: Seven Trent-Problem solving

This assignment is designed to assess three (1, 2 and 3) of the four learning outcomes: 1. Apply a range of complex knowledge and skills to successfully and responsibly source and acquire, products, capital equipment and services. 2. Diagnose quality issues in specific industrial contexts and formulate the contribution to be made by the purchasing function. 3. Apply knowledge and a critical understanding of relationships with suppliers, to include sourcing, building and maintaining relationships to achieve greater competitive advantage. This assignment is an individual assignment, which requires you to write a 1,500-word (+/- 10%) reflective report on the interactive learning session conducted in-class. From the Seven Trent: “Practice not theory and Problem-Solving Days”, write a reflective report critically analysing a chosen issue and how would you improve it, using the theories discussed in-class. The report should include a good balance of relevant literature review, critical analysis and good use of references.

Word Count

The word count is 1,500, there will be a penalty of a deduction of 10% of the mark (after internal moderation) for work exceeding the word limit by 10% or more. The word limit includes quotations but excludes the reference list and bibliography. Assignment Brief Template Page 2 of 5 Criteria for Assessment The report will be assessed based on the weightings of the criteria detailed in the table below: Marking Criteria Weighting Percentage Understanding and application of theory 25% Depth of content and critical analysis of strategy from the interactive learning session 25% Understanding of learning outcomes 20% Good evidence of reflective writing/analysis 15% Accurate citation and referencing 10% Presentation, grammar and spelling 5% Total 100% Guideline structure and content Students are free to choose their own structure for the report, however a guideline structure is provided 1. Introduction Briefly explain the learning session to help set the scene and ensure the reader understands the scenario and justify your chosen issue. 2. Review of literature used, chosen issue, improvement strategy and theory What was the issue you found most interesting? What theories will you use to solve it?

What chosen strategy will you apply? and how will you execute it? What insights can be drawn from literature and applied theories? Is there a clear and logical flow of the arguments presented? How will the chosen theory and strategy mitigate your chosen issue? 

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