Operations CW1 Task: British Museum

You are a recently appointed Assistant Director of Operations at The British Museum in London.  Your remit includes the guest experience across all aspects of the business from the moment visitors arrive at the doors of the museum until they leave including facilities, exhibits, retail and food & beverage which operate with the consultancy of a well-known restaurant operator.


Your task

As you will be receiving hospitality management students this summer as interns, you are asked to write a report identifying and justifying


The importance of operations performance objectives to the business

The different process and layout types that are used inside and in support of the business

The tools you might use to measure quality in the operation

3 SMART recommendations towards improving the guest experience at the museum



Academic journal articles – minimum 4

Trade journals, the national and glossy press

Textbooks other than the current course required text

No primary research other than a visit needs to be undertaken



Your assessment should include

Executive summary

Introduction – brief introduction to the business

Operations performance objectives

Process & layout types

Quality management

Conclusion & recommendations

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