Operational Improvement and Digitalisation Implementation strategy

Format: A Report suitable for presentation at a senior organisational level In the Assessment 1 (attached) you presented a research paper and proposal outlining the challenges the organisation is confronted with and how operational improvements could be supported by rollout of digital transformation initiatives.

Now you are required to:

• present an implementation strategy supported by research around barriers and enablers associated with implementing digital and operational improvement initiatives.

• you need to address change management and other considerations in rolling out a major project such as all with digitalisation and digitisation.

• prepare a report where you develop an implementation strategy or plan for rolling out a digital operation strategy for your organisation.

• This strategy most likely will not totally embrace industry 4.0 strategy (industry 4.0 is more applicable to large or international organisations and industries such as manufacturing).

• You might choose an industry exemplar or approach that has already been implemented in say a Government organisation that could be applicable and adapted for your organisation and its context. The digital initiative or project must address areas such as: • use of data and technology to enhance existing products or services; • enhancing marketing and customer service through better channel coordination or performance for more integrated customer centric service delivery; • improving overall operations through improved productivity and efficiency and delivering improvements in one or more key corporate or functional areas. The paper must set out: • your implementation strategy and recommendations • and include the selected priority area(s) where digital initiatives will be rolled out. • You need to include implementation models or tables You are required to incorporate the following sections into your implementation report and plan which will be presented to the senior executive team for sign-off prior to rollout: • Introduction-outlining the purpose of the report and sections • Background- a summary of key points raised from the first report in task 1 and confirmation proposal has been endorsed • Proposed Digital Operations Strategy • Digital operations project(s) and goals and priorities • Areas of current operations that are targeted for rollout or implementation of the digital initiative or solution • Monitoring and measurement of implementation • Risk management considerations • Key strategies to support successful implementation such as people management and change strategies • Conclusion • Appendices Your report must make links between Operations strategy and operations improvement theories as demonstrated through the prescribed text you (HIll & Hill 2017) and other recommended texts a minimum of 5 recent scholarly or peer-reviewed journals. 

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