If the Kingdom of Bahrain’s new oil discovery turns out to be very

As part of Public Administration Masters Program, this is the details of the assignment required: To write an article, no less than 800 words in length, on the subject “If the Kingdom of Bahrain’s new oil discovery turns out to be very valuable and would generate a lot of income, how should the government of Bahrain use the money?” The grading system is as follows:  Spelling, punctuation, and grammar: 25%  Quality of writing/prose: 25%

 Knowledge and understanding: 50% Notes for the writer: – Bahrain is part of the GCC, in April 2018 a new massive oil field is discovered, it might be hard to extract it immediately, but it is possible.

Moreover, Bahrain is currently in debt and is facing a bit of a financial issue, therefore the assumption here is that if this discovered oil is extracted and sold to generate a lot of funds, how should the government use it efficiently and effectively to develop the kingdom and boom its economy, stability and enhancement and more (to diversify the income generated and be less dependant on oil revenue alone with giving etc.) – Should be a scientific article and bases all suggestions on evidence and references – References should be noted at the end in APA format – Reading material will be uploaded via PDF (however I’m not sure if it will be of use as the subject gives the writer freedom to tackle the subject) – Some websites of the new oil field discovery: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/08/bahrain-discovery-of-80-billion-barrels-of-oil.html https://bahrain.weetas.com/insights/en/bahrains-new-oil-discovery-impact-real-estate-industry.html http://www.tradearabia.com/news/OGN_348177.html

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