Hip-Hop/R&B culture in the United States during the Late

Paper details Hip-Hop/R&B culture in the United States during the Late 1980s/Early 1990s and how racism was a huge factor in music producing, drugs, expressing life issues with government officials and authority. NWA is one particular group that is a known name during this time period as well as many others. Please include in paper direct groups during this era that played a huge role. – Paper’s purpose, which must be clearly stated in its introduction, must address a main issue, topic, problem, or question related to your chosen topic.

– Paper must provide multiple perspectives on your chosen topic (e.g., research or viewpoints that show that hip-hop does affect crime rates among young black urban males AND research or viewpoints that show that hip-hop does not affect such crime rates). -Paper, at some point, must consider and specifically discuss how your topic relates to at least ONE of the core values: excellence, respect, community, responsible stewardship, personal development (e.g., what does the relationship between your chosen type of music and identity issue demonstrate about community?) -Paper must use solid evidence that support your purpose and perspective (e.g., your source material and various perspectives must be reputable and of a high quality) -Demonstrate your own analysis of the material that you have presented in your paper, including possible outcomes (e.g., you must offer some constructive criticism and opinions about the perspectives and evidence that you are using for your paper and what they possibly imply)

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