Health Program Evaluation Report

Written Assignment for HHS 402 Method: Review a Health care Program Format: Paper should be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman (12 font size) The report should be 5-8 pages in length Use of pictures, graphs, etc. Use APA and cite as follows: (Freeman, 1981, p. 121) then include a separate page for sources (2-4). The evaluation report should minimally include the following;

Section 1: Abstract

Section 2: Type of health program Section 3: Background Information-location-city and state, community served, which type of health care setting, affiliations with educational institutions or hospitals or other organizations, etc. Section 4: Description of the program & design, etc. Section 5: Results or impact of the program. Section 6: Conclusion and Recommendations-what is the program lacking, what are its strengths and weaknesses. Section 7: Attachments-include any additional research findings as appropriate

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