Formal Analysis: Write a paper on a particular artwork

Form deals with the materials used to make a work of Art, the Elements and Principles, and the resulting composition.

When written down in essay form, we refer to it as a formal analysis. Your task is to write a one and a half page paper (MLA format no cover page) on a particular artwork describing what you see. It is a practice in visual literacy, the ability to describe what we experience visually. Begin by selecting an artwork from this website: ( Navigate to student gallery, select a year, and browse for an artwork that you find inspiring or interesting. If the image is not from this website, it will not be considered for submission. Open the Formal Analysis Guideline .

It is a word document that will make it easy for you to keep the assignment in MLA format. Do not change the format of the document. Stick to the writing about the content requested within the paragraphs. Remember, the Formal Analysis is about elements and principles, and visual literacy; do not focus on the emotive aspect. Do not start writing about how the artwork makes you feel; that is not the purpose of this assignment.  

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