Exercise B: Pros and Cons for the Use of Spanking and Corporal

You have probably heard stories about weird psychologists who don’t believe in spanking or punishing their children. These stories are somewhat accurate, as most psychologists truly do believe that punishment should very rarely be used to control behavior. Nevertheless, many parents continue to spank their children and corporal punishment is used in many schools. A number of interesting Web sites concerned with the use of punishment are indicated below, and you will be able to find many more quite easily.

http://www.neverhitachild.org/nosindex.html http://www.positiveparenting.com/nospank.html http://www.findarticles.com/cf_0/m3225/n4_v57/20383467/p1/article.jhtml?term=punishment+and+children http://parenting.ivillage.com/tp/tpbehavior/topics/0,,4rtv,00.html www.tulsa.oklahoma.net/~jnichols/PunishmentProblems.html Your task for this exercise is to write an essay of at least 800 words on the use of punishment. Be sure to cover the concept of punishment in general, why many people oppose the use of punishment, and the procedures they advocate as a more desirable alternative for affecting behavior. You might also wish to include material on situations where punishment is called for. If so, consider including a section on guidelines for the use of punishment when it is called for. Be sure to reference and provide URLs for all of the material you use

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