Examine Bimala’s character in “The Home and the World” as the epitome

The reflection paper should be written from just One novel which is THE HOME AND THE WORLD BY RABINDRANATH TAGORE. No outside sources should be used as it is a reflection paper not a research paper. All the information should only be from the novel mentioned. Please focus properly on the thesis statement as my instructor will not grade the paper if it does not have a proper thesis. It should be catchy in my instructor’s eyes.

The paper should revolve around the thesis. It should not be like the thesis is different and the content of the essay is something else. The question is as follows. —-Examine Bimala’s character in “The Home and the World” as the epitome of the spiritual crisis of the Indian nation. In your view, is the failure of the woman, a failure of Tagore’s Universal Humanism? Explain your answer. You should have 6-7 footnotes per page and please answer the 2nd part of the question in your own views.

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