Erikson: How do you think American culture is changing, negating or

In looking at the stages Erikson proposes, address the following:

How do you think American culture is changing, negating or redefining the ‘structure’ of these stages as individuals struggle to form an identity?

Do you feel the pressures of our culture create obstacles to our growth? Are we “allowed” to successfully navigate the “crises” that Erikson proposes or are we leaving some unresolved due to stress, external influences or norms? What do you feel are the results of unresolved crises? All papers are to be in APA style: Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, page number in upper right-hand corner. Title and reference page not part of the page count; refer to the APA Guidelines booklet or refer to your online library resource. You may use personal experiences or examples to support your ideas if you like. This essay is your opinion; you do not need to conduct outside research unless you choose to. “Outside research” is research outside of textbook and lecture notes. Outside research promotes argument strength, and leads to a better grade. You must include a reference page! If students use textbook and/or lecture notes, it must be documented in the reference page. Otherwise, you are telling the reader that these are your words! Textbookwe use in clasS:Feist, Feist and Roberts (2018). Theories of Personality. (9th edition). McGraw-Hill Publishers. New York

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