Cyber Security Term Paper Instructions

The IT Risk Management Subcommittee of your corporate Enterprise Risk Committee is struggling to manage cyber risk in your organization and has requested information regarding the possibility of automating some or all of the process. Your manager has confirmed that there are technical tools that can support most risk management and compliance activities. The subcommittee has asked for a White Paper on the topic and the task to develop this paper has fallen to you. Write a White Paper that explains how technology can support organizational leaders as they attempt to perform cyber risk management and/or compliance activities. Describe a framework of key capabilities and functions that a holistic cyber risk management technical solution would provide. Describe how those technical capabilities and functions would support risk management and/or compliance efforts. Provide examples of widely available commercial products that could support each capability and function. For each example, describe how the tool(s) would support each capability and function.

Need to choose risk management software from the internet and relate how that tool can be used in each steps of risk management

This is Cyber Security paper. It has to be technical. Example of risk, threat, vulnerabilities, mitigation must be technical

This paper in general has to go through the detailed steps of Risk Management then relate how particular technology(software) can be used on each stage

The link for the suggested software is in the other document (only suggestion. If writer finds better software, go with it)

General information about Risk Management can be cited from the NIST special publication


At least 5 or more scholarly sources. At least 10 sources but half of them must be from scholarly sources

APA format

12 points, Times New Roman

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