Criminal Justice: Case Study of Jose

Your final submission will consist of a 4 – 5 page paper synthesizing the information throughout the class, as it applies to your juvenile offender. This is the offender you chose in the first module. You will be required to cite the textbook, the case you selected, and other course materials that you find relevant. The formatting is as follows: 12 point Time New Roman Font, double spaced with 1 inch margins all around, citations in APA format. The content of your writing, before the reference page and excluding a title page, should be at a minimum 4 full pages of writing. This is a formal paper — do not write in the first person. Here is the content required in your final paper:

● Your first paragraph should be a brief summary of your case where you explain to the reader a bit about your juvenile offender. For example, you would want to make sure you answer the following questions in your description: ■ How old was your offender?

■ What crime was committed? ■ Was this their first offense? ■ What was their history with juvenile offending? Then, answer the following questions: ● Why did your juvenile offend? From what you know, how did they become an offender? ○ Can draw upon: risk factors, gang involvement, childhood victimization, and theories of offending ● After the offense, what happened to your juvenile in the three criminal justice systems (police, courts, corrections)? ○ You may only be able to write about 2 of the three — for some juvenile offenders, their interactions with the police were not fully discussed in the cases ● What are at least three areas for improvement — what are three things the criminal justice system could have done differently to better served the juvenile and why? ○ This is an opportunity to think creatively about intervention efforts, juvenile transfer, rehabilitation, and areas of reform for the juvenile justice system ● How could this crime have been prevented? ○ Draw upon information regarding prevention efforts and protective factors. This is again an opportunity to think creatively, building upon content discussed in the course. ● Conclude by explaining the following — What should someone take away from this case review about the juvenile justice system? What is learned? ○ Perhaps you learned most about shortcomings in the juvenile justice system, necessary avenues for reform, or how the system can help prevent a juvenile from becoming an adult offender. There are many other alternative answers that can be justified. Your conclusion can be what you find most relevant and memorable after working through all of the above information. Whatever your conclusion, please justify it using an example from the case. Please do so avoiding first person language (e.g. “A primary takeaway from this case is …” instead of “I think it is interesting that…”).

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